YLN 007: Rachael Campbell - Raw Food Chef

December 15, 2016

Rachael is a coach and healer using intuition as her main modality. She uses intuition an innate gift to guide and coach people to unpack their way of thinking. She teaches them skills and strategies of using intuition to help with life decisions whether it be self-esteem, being true to yourself, health, breaking through fears and old limiting beliefs. She now also manages the Brighton Baths Health Club.

For Rachael, the journey to her own empowerment and later, to mentoring clients on this journey, was one of awareness, honesty and intuition. In 2011 after her divorce, Rachael realised that she had to face up to the truth within her – that she wasn’t happy and was making unrealistic choices for herself.

Today, Rachael shares the journey towards empowerment, love and grace with her own coaching and mentoring clients. A big part of empowerment, according to Rachael, is listening to your inner voice, and trusting what your soul is telling you. Through the most challenging and the most exciting moments, Rachael now turns to that inner voice for guidance, clear direction and for the answers to the questions she has about business, life, friendships, family and love.

Rachael also is a certified Raw Food Chef, a graduate of the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy.

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