YLN 003: Michael Carp - Kez’s Kitchen

November 10, 2016

Michael Carp is the Managing Director of Kez’s Kitchen, a family business that produces Gluten Free cereals and biscuits. The business started in 1991 in when Michael’s sister Kez was baking chocolate chip cookies and word got around – they were delicious! Together with her mother Helen, Kez had a vision to build something special.

In 1994 Michael quit his law career to join them, and they eventually moved to a purpose built bakery in Noble Park. They put their hearts and souls into developing delicious recipes that can be eaten by everyone, even those with special dietary requirements. Eight years ago Carp bought out the rest of the family and kicked off an expansion phase. His mother still heads up Kez’s product development and wife Emma runs quality systems.


“Perhaps I was more aware of the market opportunity because I was gluten-free myself," Carp says. “I think we, as a business, would have come around to it eventually but possibly not as early as we did."


He recommends working with family and says the keys are to keep work issues and family relationships separate and ensure good communication.

“I love working with my family. There is an enormous range of benefits but also some pitfalls," Carp says. “For me, the family is number one and the business a distant second, but I try to keep the issues separate."

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